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Meet the Voyage Chair

The Beach Chair Re-Imagined

After being unsatisfied with boring beach chair that all looked the same and lacked features, we have spent the last 8 months re-designing every aspect to re-imagine the beach chair for Summer 2018.

✅Anti-Theft Protection

✅ Poly Mesh Seat

✅Extra Wide & Padded Shoulder Straps

✅ Adjustable Pillow

✅Custom Printed Fabric

✅ Real Wooden Arm Rest


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Voyage Chair Sneak Peek

Secret Access Pocket

Everyone travels with valuable items on them at all times, from your wallet to your smartphone. It’s important to keep those items safe everywhere you go. The Voyage Chair’s has a secret access zipper pocket located behind included pillow. Keep these items safely behind your head or simply out of sight when you are away from your chair.

Extra Wide and Padded Shoulder Strap

Go to and from the beach comfortably with our adjustable wider and padded shoulder straps. Have the support you need even when the Voyage Chair is completely packed!

Dual Can Sleeves

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cold beverage when relaxing in the sun? The back of the Voyage Chair sports two insulated can sleeves that perfectly can fit three 12oz. cans in each sleeve. 

Poly-Mesh Seat

The poly-mesh fabric will help increase airflow and allow sand to easily fall through for less of a mess when enjoying the beach or packing up to head home.

Secure Bag Carabiner

If you have an additional bag with you for the day, you can securely attach it to the secure carabiner clip to keep any other items completely safely. Take a nap in the sun knowing your belongings aren’t going anywhere!

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