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The Voyage Sleep Mask


The Voyage Sleep Mask is the ultra compact & 360° Adjustable Padded Sleep Mask for the perfect nap for your daily commute, a mid-day power nap, camping adventure, international flight, and anywhere in between! It features a low profile design that easily rolls up into the water resistant carrying case when you are on the go. From end to end, the Voyage Sleep Mask is filled with sculpting microbeads to enable you to customize how your sleep by distributing the microbeads to where you need the comfort!

Pair it with the Voyage Pillow for additional comfort!

Free US Shipping over $35 & Free International Shipping over $55!

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Sculpt for Your Comfort

Find the perfect way to wear the Voyage Sleep Mask when it arrives by sculpting the fit to the shape of your head. Make the perfect pockets for your eyes and added comfort on the sides of your head!

Power Nap Essential

The Voyage Sleep Mask is the perfect accessory to always have on hand when you need a quick comfortable power nap. From it’s super low profile & compact design to the padded microbead design, you’ll fall in love with the Voyage Sleep Mask!

The Voyage Sleep Mask by Sondre Travel

360° Microbead Padding

No matter which way you sleep you will always find some extra comfort from our microbead supported design. The Voyage Mask has plenty of padding throughout the sleep mask so you can always get the nap you deserve.

Low Profile Eye Design

The design the of the Voyage Sleep Mask is intended to perfectly cover your eyes in a low profile manner to make it feel as though you have nothing on at all. Find out how sleek it is for yourself!

The Voyage Sleep Mask by Sondre Travel

Always Ultra Compact

When you are ready to go, the Voyage Mask quickly and easily rolls up into a tiny ball. Take up no space at all in your bag and always have the Voyage Sleep Mask on hand when you need it.

The Voyage Sleep Mask by Sondre Travel

It doesn’t matter if you are grabbing a quick power nap at work, waiting for your next flight, camping over the weekend, or simply relaxing at home – The Voyage Sleep Mask’s low profile design won’t intrude on your getting a comfortable rest!

Water Resistant Carrying Case

After you roll up your Voyage Sleep Mask to go, easily stash it in the water resistant carrying case. It features our signature two tone topographic print and paracord closure to withstand heavy daily use!

The Voyage Sleep Mask by Sondre Travel

Super Soft Fabrics

We designed the Voyage Sleep Mask to have extremely soft fabrics for additional comfort. The inside features a plush fleece fabric against your face. Plus the Poly/Spandex exterior fabric will allow for additional stretch around your head.

The Voyage Sleep Mask by Sondre Travel

Adjustable Velcro Design

Customize the fit of the Voyage Sleep with the adjustable velcro design. Easily loosen or tighten the sleep mask to your desired amount of pressure around your head when you looking to easily fall asleep.

Vibrant Colorways to Choose

The Voyage Sleep Mask comes in Midnight Black, Sunrise Red, and Ocean Blue. Match your style with the three colorways available when you are on the go or simply get one of each!

Multi-Layer Support

Similarly we designed the Voyage Sleep Mask with our mutli-layer support forequal distribution of padding throughout. Never worry about the microbeads falling all to one section of the Voyage Sleep Mask.

Launched on Kickstarter

The Voyage Sleep Mask launched on Kickstarter! In the 30 day campaign over 850 early backers purchased our sleep mask to raise over $30,000. Join the Voyage Family today with your own products from Sondre Travel!

Flexible Spandex Fabric

The Voyage Sleep Mask will move along with you when you are finding the perfect sleep position in any situtation. The Poly/Spandex Fabric can be customized and stretched for your desired fit!

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Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, Sunrise Red

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