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  • Introducing the Voyage Pillow

    Introducing the Voyage Pillow

    Introducing your next travel pillow, the Voyage Pillow! After spending the past 10 months perfecting the Voyage Pillow, we are excited to finally launch our first product on Kickstarter. Become one of our early backers to get our exclusive early backer pricing. Check out the entire campaign now on Kickstarter!   Click here to become …

  • Pack like a Pro

    With Airlines charging for everything these days, packing efficiently for your next trip can help save significant money in baggage fees. Here are a few of our favorite travel hacks to packing like a professional. THE ROLLING TECHNIQUE Save packing by ditching the old method of folding your clothes square and flat. Instead take each [...] More
  • Guide to Booking Cheaper Flights

    HIDE YOUR FLIGHT SEARCH HISTORY Ever have that feeling that the price of a flight goes up the day after you were just looking at a flight? Well many airline website use cookies to store data on the flights you search, and use that data to track flights you consistently search for. These website will [...] More
  • 10 Amazing Airbnb Rentals

    AirBnB has changed the way we travel. Live like a local in these 10 amazing homes you can rent around the world from Airbnb. 1. Historical Nakagin Capsule Tower - Japan 2. Headfort House - Ireland 3. The Seashell House - Mexico 4. Off the Grid Home - California 5. Safari Tree House - South Africa 6. [...] More
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