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Our Story

Sondre Travel was created simply out of a love for travel. Seeing the world is one of the greatest experiences anyone can have in life. However the journey to reach your destination isn’t always the most enjoyable aspect. After numerous flights, trains, and road trips, our founder, Matt Benedetto, set out to create products that help people travel better!

The Voyage Pillow was launched in February 2017 on Kickstarter as the Most Compact, Versatile, and Comfortable travel pillow. After an amazing crowdfunding campaign, the Voyage Pillow raised over $125,000 from over 2,800 backers. Sondre Travel was officially up and running!

Throughout 2017, we continued traveling ourselves and talking with other travelers along the way to find out their frustrations when traveling. With the rise of baggage fees from airlines, more people were looking for the perfect carry-on bag to avoid the hassle. After months of perfecting the design, the Voyage Bag was introduced to be the Essential Travel Companion. Whether you needed a backpack for the gym or a duffel bag on a weekend adventure, the Voyage Bag was the one bag solution for all of your on the go needs!

We turned to the crowdfunding community once again with the Voyage Bag to raise $60,000 to bring the Voyage Bag to life. Since then Sondre Travel has been introducing products to enhance the travel experience and we have no plans on slowing down. You can shop our entire collection to see our current production collection with a sneak peek of what’s to come.

We love to hear from people whether it’s questions about our products, a fun story about your most recent trip, or a suggestion for a future product. Send us a message anytime and happy travels!

Matt Benedetto Sondre Travel
Matt Benedetto | Founder of Sondre Travel

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