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The Voyage Pillow

The Voyage Pillow is the the most compact & versatile travel pillow for your next trip, adventure, or daily commute.

Our unique design is 50% smaller than a traditional U-Shape travel pillow to save you precious space in your carry-on or checked bag. Customize the way you sleep with the multi-purpose poly/spandex band.

Our unique travel pillow launched on Kickstarter in February 2017 and raised over $102,000 from 2,500 early backers.

$124,694 raised via Crowdfunding 1458% Funded

The Voyage Pillow came up with a sleek design that provides all the snooze-inducing comfort you want from a pillow but takes up half as much space.

Bye-Bye Jetlag! The Voyage Pillow by Sondre Travel is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to catch a few winks while traveling.

The Voyage Pillow may be the best accessory to help you catch up on rest anytime you find yourself stuck on extended journeys.

The Voyage Bag

The Voyage Bag is the essential travel bag for everyday life that combines a forward thinking minimal design and versatile functionality for unlimited possibilities. Our 2-in-1 design allows the Voyage Bag to be a comfortable backpack or full size duffel bag when you are on the go.

Pack for any occasion with the open pocket design and multi-functional interior dividing pouches. From daily use to trips & adventures, the Voyage Bag will always adapt to be the perfect travel companion!

Our travel bag launched on Kickstarter in Novemeber 2017 and raised over $55,000 from almost 600 early backers.

$55,198 raised via Crowdfunding 376% Funded

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